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                                                    FOR LISTED WHOLESALE  PURCHASE PRICE


                                   Minimum wholesale  ordering : $300 purchase across all product categories

                                   Use promo code : WHOLESALE at checkout when you order the MOQ of $300

                                   Sample purchase : Can purchase sample as unit  price listed in SHOP section

                                   Shipping policy : Ship 2/3 days  , free shipping on wholesale orders MOQ $300  

                                   Return Policy : no returns ,only accept damage within a week of delivery with

                                   an email request to confirm return with images 

                                             Email wholesale inquiry / order via CONTACT SECTION

                                             If products out of stock please send in a order form via                                                                                                                   


                                                       Suggested MRSP is 2 or 2.5 listed wholesale 

                                                          Payment terms : Can purchase ONLINE 

                                   Larger orders above $600 we can send square invoices with payment links

                                                      Net 30 offered for returning / approved customers 







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